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Avoid Plagiarism with Online Paraphrasing Service

What Is Paraphrasing and Why Do People Do It?

Paraphrasing is putting someone else’s words into your own. You repeat what they have originally said but instead of using the same words that they used you will repeat that meaning in your own unique words. Many find this far from easy which is why they will seek out a paraphrasing service to help them. A good article rewriting service will ensure that your words truly are unique while maintaining the original meaning fully.

We do paraphrasing for many different reasons. Often we are asked to paraphrase something to show that we have understood it. If you cannot understand the original it would be very hard to repeat the meaning in your own words. We also paraphrase so that we can improve or simplify a piece a writing so that it is easier to understand. We may also target a different audience with our rewriting.

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We may also use paraphrasing to include another person’s ideas within our own writing. Rather than using a direct quotation, it is often better to use our own words while maintaining the style and focus of our own paper. We also use it to simply avoid our rewritten text being seen as a copy.

Just remember however as this will remind you from California State:

“Paraphrasing is acceptable but it is important to acknowledge the original author’s ideas, even if it is has been substantially re-expressed.”

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is using someone else’s words or ideas as your own. Or putting it even simpler, copying. Within your education, this is seen as not only lazy but unethical. If you are discovered plagiarizing you can easily find yourself in some serious trouble. Blatant copying could easily see you removed from the course you are studying.

Paraphrasing beyond your education can also have serious ramifications. You can be sued for damages or lost reputation depending on how and where you used the information. You may even lose your own job if writing is important such as for a journalist. Your own reputation could also suffer significantly such as giving a speech that was written for another.

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What Are the Difficulties with Paraphrasing on Your Own?

Many turn to an online paraphrasing service because it is something that many struggle with. Getting your paraphrase wrong and submitting work that appears as plagiarized can have serious consequences so using an academic paraphrasing service is one way to help you overcome those issues:

  • Not repeating the original meaning: paraphrasing is all about understanding so if you cannot understand the original document fully then it will be hard to repeat that meaning in your own words.
  • Adding your own interpretation or thoughts: it can be tempting to add your own information into the rewritten text if you have strong feelings about the subject or have a lot of knowledge. This, however, will change the meaning and should not be done for a true paraphrase.
  • Missing information: a good paraphrase should repeat every point from the original piece of writing unlike a summary which will only repeat the most important facts.
  • Not making the work unique: many students and other writers find that they simply end up copying large amounts of the original text even when they try not to.
  • Failing to make citations: even if you have changed the words to your own you should still give credit to the original author for their ideas with a citation and a correctly formatted reference.

How Can Your Paraphrase Well?

Whether you want to know how to reword to avoid plagiarism or you want to make something easier to understand the process itself is the same. Creating a paraphrase that will reflect the full meaning and be unique does not have to be hard if you approach the task in the right way:

  • Read the original text so that you are confident that you understand it fully. Paraphrasing without understanding is unlikely to result in accurate writing.
  • Make notes of all of the different points that have been raised within the original text. Ensure that you cover each one and put the notes in your own words.
  • Create an outline for the writing using your notes: this does not have to follow the same order as the original if a different order bet reflects what your audience needs to see.
  • Rewrite using your outline and notes: do not look back at the original when writing. Often it is better to leave some time between reading the source and doing your paraphrasing.
  • Check your paraphrase: ensure that you have covered all of the points and that you have unique writing. If you have unintentionally repeated something either rewrite it or enclose in quotation marks to show you have used the original wording.

Hire our writing service today and we’ll show you how to paraphrase your content like a pro!

Why Should You Use Our Professional Paraphrasing Service?

Our paraphrasing and summarizing service can provide you with all of the support and help that you need in this area. We offer some of the best paraphrasing experts who will work closely with you to understand your purpose for rewriting the original text and who your target audience is. Whether you want a professional resume rewrite or to repurpose a paper for use online or in a journal there are many reasons why you should be turning to our affordable paraphrasing help:

  • Accuracy: our rephrasing service employs only experts that hold postgraduate degrees in their fields. This ensures that they will fully understand the source text and be able to repeat if perfectly.
  • Speed: using someone that fully understands how to paraphrase that has many years of experience will ensure that your work is done quickly, freeing you up to do other things.
  • Originality: they fully understand what will make your rewritten text be seen as plagiarism. They are able to avoid all of these issues perfectly so your rewritten text is seen as unique.
  • Perfect formatting: many struggle with following the different styles for citations and referencing while our article paraphrasing service uses experts that do this all of the time.
  • Error free: not only will your rewritten text be perfectly written for your intended usage it will also be carefully checked to ensure there are no mistakes in the writing.

How Can Our Cheap Paraphrasing Website Help You?

Not only can we help you with plagiarism removal we can also help you with a full range of academic writing help for all of your papers. Through our highly skilled experts you can get help with all of the following:

Contextual Paraphrasing

We use only highly qualified and skilled rewriters that fully understand how to paraphrase so that the results will be unique and totally accurate. Not only that, their writing skills ensure that it will read perfectly for your intended audience. Should you want any changes to the text we will provide unlimited revisions until it reads just as you want it.

Quick Summarizing

Many have problems with finding the most relevant or important facts to draw out for their summaries. Our experts have many years of experience doing this and are highly familiar with many of the texts that you may be asked to summarize saving many hours of reading time.

Proper Referencing

Whether APA or MLA our specialists have many years of experience referencing original sources and crafting in text citations. They know the requirements of the many different academic styles that you may be required to use within your writing.

Manual Proofreading

Just a single spelling mistake or a grammatical error can have a significant impact on your grades or even see a higher paper being returned. Our experts have the skills to be able to spot those mistakes that your computer will simply overlook.

Effective Editing

How your paper is written will have a huge impact on how it is received by your audience. Our editors are fully certified and will know just how to improve your writing so that it will be seen as the best that it can be.

Our Features and Guarantees

We see ourselves as the best paraphrasing services as we quite simply provide you with the best help that you will find online. If you need someone to “rewrite my essay” then our experts will work closely with you for the best possible results.
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Whether you are looking for content rewriting services for your website or need assignment paraphrasing services to boost your grades our help provides you with:

  • Access to a fully qualified writer: we only use higher degree qualified staff that will fully understand the information that you need to be rewritten.
  • A quick turnaround: our plagiarism paraphrasing is started as soon as you make your order. We will always ensure that they work is with you on time no matter how quickly you need it.
  • Full confidentiality: we do not share any personal information, nor are we going to share the content of your writing.
  • Excellent pricing: we keep track of what the market is charging and ensure that we offer prices that are highly competitive for the quality of support we offer.
  • Unlimited revisions: we will provide you with all of the changes that you need until you are confident that they rewritten text is precisely what you want.
  • Perfect formatting: we provide you with free formatting on your order to ensure that the style is applied correctly and consistently through your paper.
  • Original text: our rewritten work will pass the Turnitin plagiarism checker and be seen as unique in all tests.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with your paraphrased writing or we will return your money to you.

Use our paraphrasing service for reliable and effective help with all of your rewriting for perfect results every time!