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Examples of Article Rewriting

Can Examples of Article Rewriting Help You?

Rewriting or paraphrasing is when you take a piece of writing or even speech and repeat what was said using your own unique wording. It is not summarizing which reduces the length of the writing and only repeats the most important points. Paraphrasing repeats everything that was raised and usually ends up being a similar length to the source.

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We paraphrase articles for many different reasons such as to target a completely new audience or to simplify something that is overly complex. We also rewrite to avoid plagiarism. If you just publish the same article as it is in more than one place then you can get penalized for using copied content. So it should always be rewritten avoiding plagiarism so that penalties are not applied.

When most writers first look at article rewriting they think that it is going to be easy. The reality, however, is that people tend to start repeating the wording of the original or they fail to repeat the full meaning. A good paraphrasing example, however, can help you to understand how you should go about your paraphrasing successfully.

Article Paraphrasing Using a Spinner

A spinner or rewriting tool is a piece of software that rewrites using synonyms. This text transformation is done by swapping words but without any consideration for the context in which they are being used. The end result, of course, is usually nonsense as the software cannot decide effectively which words to change and what for. A paraphrasing example based on the above paragraph is below showing what a spinner will typically turn out:

“A spinner or redaction tool could be a piece of computer code that rewrites victimization synonyms. This text transformation is finished by swapping words however with none thought for the context during which they’re being employed. The top results, of course, is, typically, nonsense because the computer code cannot decide effectively that words to vary and reprimand.”

Tips for Paraphrasing an Article

If you want to successfully paraphrase an article then you need to approach it in a different manner to which a computer will approach it. Paraphrasing is not just a mechanical process of changing words for synonyms or simply changing the order of the words that were originally used: “The girls were made to cry by Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie kissing them.”

Is not a good paraphrase of the opening line to the obviously plagiarized nursery rhyme. If you want to paraphrase then you need to follow the tips below:

  • Read the article until you are sure that you fully understand it
  • Make notes of each of the different points raised using your own words
  • Arrange those notes into what you feel is a logical order
  • Rewrite the full text only referring to those notes and with a consideration to you audience
  • Compare to the original to ensure that you have not inadvertently repeated anything

We Can Help with Your Article Rewriting

Our service provides help for students, website owners, businesses and all others that may require rewriting services. We can rewrite everything from academic writing through to websites using staff that fully understand not just paraphrasing but also the subject of the article being rewritten. By matching our experts to the subject matter we ensure that the paraphrasing is completed to the highest possible standards quickly and effectively. Our paraphrasing is always unique and free of errors and delivered on time.

Use the best examples of article rewriting and order our services now to get perfect result!