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How to Reword to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Text

Is Text Rewriting Easy?

Knowing how to rewrite an article without plagiarism is very important. Ethically and in some cases legally, copying someone else’s work is very wrong. Using another’s words can get you in some serious trouble. It is important to know how to reword to avoid plagiarism or you could find your academic work rejected and yourself on a serious visit to the head, if you are working online your site could be penalized, and if you write for a living you could be out of a job. But there are many times you may want to paraphrase document. But rewriting texts is not as simple as many expect it to be.

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Often you will find that you will change the original meaning of the work or you will simply find yourself unintentionally repeating phrases from the source material. This is why it is often best to seek out professional help with all of your rewriting. Using a professional to reword text is often quicker and more effective than trying to do it yourself. We can provide you with all of the support and help that you will require to ensure that your rewritten work will target your intended audience without even a hint of plagiarism.

How to Rewrite Content and  Avoid Plagiarism

Knowing how to reword while avoiding plagiarism is not easy. Many find it very difficult to achieve a completely unique piece of work if they are rewording something. There are however several things that you can consider to help you with avoiding any issues with copying:

  • Make use of direct quotes: if you really are not sure how to rewrite what someone has written or they have just written something in a way that no one could better then use a direct quote. However, ensure that you use a proper citation or link to the original within your work.
  • Use more than one source for your rewriting: rather than working from just a single source look at multiple articles on the same subject. You can then combine ideas and writing from multiple sources making it less likely that you will plagiarize.
  • Write multiple drafts: simply rewrite your rewrite! This will make it less likely that you will keep something that was in the original within your final copy. It also gives you the opportunity to finely polish and improve on the article.
  • Leave as much time as possible between reading and rewriting: often things stick unconsciously in your mind after reading. So the longer you leave between reading the source and doing your rewrite the less likely you are to repeat something.
  • Take your time! One of the main reasons for plagiarism is simply rushing when you undertake your rewriting. The more time and care that you put into the rewriting the more likely it will be original.
  • Don’t just use synonyms: many people reword by simply changing each word for a synonym. This is not really paraphrasing and the work may still be recognized as a copy as the structure will be identical to the original. If you use automatic spinning software to do this you will also often end up with text that reads very poorly and a changed meaning.
  • Use rewriting services: having an expert do the work for you will often be the most effective and reliable way of avoiding any plagiarism when you reword text.

How to Reword to Avoid Plagiarism

So how can you ensure that you will avoid any plagiarism when you do your rewriting? When you paraphrase you must remember that it is not a simple mechanical process in which you will change each word for another. It is also not something where you simply change the structure of a sentence of paragraph to say things in a different order. Paraphrasing is very much about understanding what you have read. This is why many tutors will set students the task of paraphrasing texts that they have read. To paraphrase you repeat that understanding in your own unique set of on how to reword to avoid plagiarismThe following advice will help you to better understand how to reword to avoid plagiarism:

  • Before you rewrite text you must ensure that you know your reasons for paraphrasing and who your intended audience will be. This will have a significant impact on how you go about your rewriting. Typical reasons for rewriting are:
  • To  target a different audience to the original. Such as converting a children’s story for an adult audience or vice versa.
  • To make something simpler to read: some technical people will often write in a way that many others simply will find hard to follow requiring it to be rewritten.
  • To reuse the same information in multiple locations without any issues with plagiarism.
  • To improve on how something has been written to make it more engaging or understandable.
  • Read and reread the source text: you must ensure that you have a full understanding of precisely what is being said. If you do not understand the points raised it will be impossible to rewrite them.
  • Identify all points raised and make notes of each: work through the original writing and write out each point and idea in your own unique words. Putting each idea on its own post it is often an excellent way of doing this.
  • Reorder the ideas: it is acceptable to change the structure of your rewritten article. So order your notes into a logical sequence that may be very different to the original and more focused on your intended audience.
  • Rewrite without looking at the original: use only your notes to do the rewriting. The longer that you leave between reading the original and rewriting the less likely you are to repeat anything.
  • Compare the original and your copy: even with the best intentions you may still copy some of the original text inadvertently. If you have done so rewrite that portion until it is unique.
  • Edit and proofread your article: just because it is a copy does not mean it can be of a lesser standard. If you want your rewritten work to be well received ensure that it is totally free from any issues.

Can You Help Rewrite My Sentence?

If you want to rewrite text then you really need to work with the best article rewriter. We have been supporting academics, students, online marketers, and many others for years with their rewriting. We know how to deliver a service that is going to fully meet all of your expectations. We have been building our team of experts to allow us to always be able to provide you with a rewriter that will fully understand your rewrite contentWe provide a postgraduate degree qualified expert ensuring that you will always be working with the best to make sure that your rewritten text will be completely accurate as well as unique. Our experts always seek to understand the purpose for your rewriting and the audience that you are targeting so as to achieve the best results. If however you are not totally happy with the initial rewriting then we offer you unlimited revisions. Our expert will make as many changes as it takes to make your fully satisfied with the final version, and nor more “rewrite my sentence” problems.

The Benefits of Working with Our Experts for Rewriting

Our aim is always to ensure that you will be fully satisfied with the rewritten text that is created for you. We work closely with you to ensure the best results and your rewriter will always be a proven expert in your field that will have many years of paraphrasing experience. In addition you get to benefit from:

  • A quick turnaround: we will complete your paraphrasing as quickly as possible and will always have it in your inbox on time. Even for rush orders we will ensure that we never miss a deadline.
  • Totally unique: not only do our professional rewriters fully understand how to avoid plagiarism in your writing, we also provide you with a free plagiarism report on your final article.
  • Free proofreading: we make sure that your rewritten text is of a quality that you can be proud of. Our certified proofreaders will work through your text to ensure there are no errors.
  • 100% manual paraphrasing: we will not simply throw your text into a spinning program as many others do and claim to have paraphrased it. Your rewriting is always done by a real expert.
  • Money back satisfaction guarantee: if you have an issue that we are unable to resolve to your satisfaction we will give you back your money.

If you are not sure how to reword to avoid plagiarism get in touch with our experts so that you can be assured unique and highly accurate rewriting.