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How to Rewrite an Article like a Pro

Why Do You Need to Know How to Rewrite Articles?

Knowing how to rewrite an article is a very important skill to learn. Often a good article will take many hours or even days to research and write. You will want to get the most from all of that work that you put in. So being able to rewrite that information in a different manner to make it unique can help you to reuse that hard work. A good article rewriting service can help you to get the work done quickly as well as helping with everything from a professional resume rewrite to rewriting fairy tales.

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When we rewrite an article we seek to repeat the whole meaning of the original but without using the original wording at all. This article will then be seen as a completely new piece of work and will not be seen as plagiarized if you have managed to change all of the words successfully. But why would you want to rewrite article in own words? There are many different reasons to reword article text such as:

  • To improve an article that has been poorly written so that it is better received by the audience.
  • To target a different audience than the one it was originally intended for.
  • To simplify the writing so that anyone can understand it clearly.
  • To speed up the process of creating articles by reusing what has already been written.
  • To avoid any claims of plagiarism if you reuse your own or others work.
  • To use the same information in multiple places online without any issues with plagiarism.
  • To rewrite to benefit from on page search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Difference Between Rewriting and Spinning Articles

Paraphrasing is when you rewrite article in own words. You will repeat the whole meaning in your own unique phrasing thus avoiding any possibility of plagiarism. This can take some time to do, especially if you are not experienced at doing it. Spinning uses software to make multiple copies of an article, usually for marketing purposes online. Software packages vary considerably in effectiveness and also cost. Many are free but you can also buy more sophisticated packages that will do a better job.

Spinning usually works by the software selecting words and even short phrases and changing them for synonyms. This rewording is effective to avoid plagiarism by most methods of checking. However often articles will still be recognized by those that are familiar with the original as the structure of the work is rarely changed only the words that are used.

The other issue with automatic spinning of articles is the quality of the output. While some of the better programs allow you more control over the synonyms used they will require significantly more work and time to use. Most programs will incorrectly select synonyms that have incorrect meanings. This is because so many words in English have many different meanings. So the article created can often read like complete rubbish if you do not spend a lot of time reviewing and correcting them. Spun articles also tend to have exactly the same structure as the original piece of work as the software does not make any changes to the order of the information. They also tend to have almost exactly the same number of words and sentences as the original. This can make them much easier to recognized as spun even if you take the time to ensure they read well.

how to rewrite an article professionallyTypes of Articles That You Could Rewrite

There are many different types of articles that you could require rewriting. Each type of article poses its own challenges for rewriting. The following are some of the different types of articles that we can help you with and the issues with rewriting that you may encounter when doing them yourself:

  • Academic or data backed articles: often these contain a lot of information that can only be understood by those that are qualified I the field of the article. So they can be hard for just anyone to understand and rewrite. Often the requirement is to present the information in a more simplistic form for a wider audience.
  • Reports: again these often require an in depth understanding of the subject area involved. There may also be a need to provide citations and references to other works or quotations that you use within the article.
  • How to articles: again these are often highly technical and it can be a challenge to find a way to rewrite them into a unique article without changing the original meaning in any way. A full understanding of the subject is required to do this well.
  • Lengthy posts: there is a drive to create longer posts online as they appear to do better in search and for retaining the readers. However rewriting longer articles can be time consuming and can present organizational challenges.
  • Lists: these are highly popular types of articles and tend to do well in search and also within social media. However rewriting them without having a trace of plagiarism is a major challenge because of their nature.

How to Rewrite an Article Quickly and Accurately

If you want to know how to rewrite an article without plagiarizing then this quick guide will help you. We will show you the best way of rewriting articles of any type. Whether you are rewriting a novel or changing a short essay these steps will help you. It must however be kept in mind that paraphrasing is not simply changing words without changing the meaning. When you re write articles you are seeking to repeat your understanding of the work. Without understanding you cannot be sure that you have kept that original meaning.

best article rewriting serviceThe following process can be used to ensure that your paraphrasing will be accurate and well written:

  • Ensure that you know your audience and reason for rewriting. How you rewrite will very much depend on this. Simplifying a piece of work, targeting a different audience, or simply rewriting to avoid plagiarism all require a different focus to your writing.
  • Read the original article to be sure that you understand it: if you don’t know what something means then you are not going to understand it. Read the article several times so that you are sure you know all of the points being raised within it.
  • Make notes of each point in your own words: do this for every point that there is in the article until you have covered everything. Using post it notes is often an effective way to do this.
  • Organize your points into a logical sequence: you do not have to rewrite in the same order as the original. There may be a better order for your purposes or your chosen audience.
  • Rewrite the article only referring to your notes: do not look back at the original when you do your rewriting. Leaving a few days before doing the rewriting can help you with not repeating any of the original text if you have the luxury of time.
  • Compare your new article to the source: even with the greatest care you will often repeat some phrases direct from the original article without meaning to. Rewrite this until they are unique. Use plagiarism software to check as this will be more accurate than simply reading it and hoping to see repeated phrases.
  • Proofread: just as with any other piece of writing you will want to ensure that you present your audience with a piece of work that is free from any mistakes.

How Can You Check for Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is not always obvious if you just quickly read through something. It is best to have your writing checked thoroughly and that means using a piece of software to compare your writing to everything else that exists out there. The following are some of the different packages that you can use to check:

  • CopyScape: This is a paid for service but is one of the most respected and accurate services that you will find for checking for plagiarism.
  • Plagiarisma: This is a free tool if you just want to check a few articles. It also supports over 190 languages.
  • Plagiarism Checker: a totally free and easy to use tool that will allow you to check any article for copying.
  • Plagium: The service provides a limited number of free searches, after that you will be charged a minimal fee for each search.
  • PlagScan: Used by many academic institutions and others this is an effective and reliable method to check your articles for plagiarism.

What Mistakes Must You Avoid When Rewriting Articles

The following are some of the most common mistakes that you are likely to make when rewriting an article or rewriting fairy tales:

  • Not taking into account who you are rewriting the article for.
  • Only changing words for synonyms.
  • Failing to check if you have maintained the original meaning.
  • Not checking for plagiarism once you have finished.
  • Not proofreading your writing when it is completed.

help rewrite my articleWho Can Help Rewrite My Article?

We offer a full range of services and support to help you with your rewriting. Through us you can get help with all of the following and many more:

  • Academic paraphrasing: our highly qualified experts can provide you with support with everything from rewriting a paragraph for your paper to repurposing your dissertation for a journal article.
  • Article rewriting: we can help you to rewrite articles so that you can use them plagiarism free elsewhere or by improving articles to be more reader and SEO friendly.
  • Summarizing: creating a summary can be very similar to paraphrasing but you will only be seeking to repeat the main points. Our experts can help you with writing an abstract through to summarizing a paper for your literature review.

Why Work with Our Rewriting Services?

Our professional services will always provide you with the best article rewriter for your task. We use qualified staff that hold postgraduate degrees in the fields in which they work to ensure a full understanding of the source text. All rewriting is done according to your specific instructions and manually, we will not simply use a piece of spinning software. Our experts will work closely with you so that they know why you are conducting the rewriting and who your intended audience will be. This ensures that you will receive a rewritten article that will be perfect for your purposes. All of our services come with all of these benefits:

  • Original writing: our experts know how to ensure that your rewritten text will be completely unique when compared to the original. We will also generate a plagiarism report for you free of charge to show that the writing is free from any copying.
  • Error free rewriting: we provide you with free proofreading on all of the services that are provided through our staff. We methodically check your work to eliminate typos and other issues.
  • A quick turnaround: we will complete all rewriting work as quickly as possible and will never miss a deadline.
  • Fully confidential: we never share your details or any of the writing that we work on with any other bodies.
  • Very affordable: we provide you with pricing that is highly competitive. You are unlikely to achieve our quality at a lower price.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: if you are not fully satisfied with our support or we can resolve your issue we will provide you a refund.

If you are struggling with how to rewrite an article just contact our reliable and accurate services and get the work done quickly and perfectly today.