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How to Rewrite Resume: Easy Ways to Use in Job Searching

Tips and Suggestions for How to Rewrite Resume Documents

how to rewrite resume Looking for a new job can be stressful and there is plenty of competition out there. It can be even more difficult if it has come about unexpectedly due to a layoff, cutbacks or some other unforeseen reason after being with the same company for several years. It is likely if you felt secure and enjoyed your job that it has been some time since you bothered to update your resume. A resume rewrite may be in order to get it up to date and incorporate the latest trends in the latest version. You can use rewriting services for improving your CV and making it fresh looking.

The following are some tips and suggestions to keep in mind when rewriting your resume:

  • Eliminate the Objectives Section: An objectives section is no longer considered something you want in your resume. Although it has been on its way out for several years there are still those who include it. It occupies the best area of the resume and provides information that most employers aren’t interested in at this stage in the process. Get rid of it.
  • Include a Summary Section: Now that you have dumped the objectives section it can be replaced with a summary. This new section will provide a brief summary that highlights skills you have that the job you are applying for requires. As it is located at the top of the resume it has a better chance of catching the reader’s attention, and they may be encouraged to read further when they see you have the necessary skills for the job.
  • Use Keywords in Your Resume: Keywords and phrases used in job listings can be included in your summary as well as employment history section. Although automated resume tracking software is said to be on its way out, employers still scan for relevant keywords and phrases when reviewing resumes.
  • Make Your Resume Easy To Scan: Make use of bullet lists, bold headings and whitespace to make it easy to scan your resume. These things can draw attention to your most important information and gives it the best chance of being seen.
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Information: Anything not relevant to the position you are applying for should be left out. Today’s resumes are concise documents with 1 page being considered the ideal length. Unnecessary information or being overly wordy takes up valuable space that can include relevant facts that are pertinent to the job.

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Three Different Approaches for How to Rewrite Your Resume

Before rewriting your resume you need to determine the best format for you to use. Basically there are three different formats to choose from depending on which approach is best for you:

  • Chronological Format: This is the approach to resume writing that most people are familiar with and probably that favored by more employers. Employment history is provided in reverse chronological order beginning with your most recently held position first. The Education section will also be in reverse chronological order. Unless requested to, don’t include high school in the Education section. This way of rewriting paragraphs favors those who have experience in the industry and are looking for positions in the same or a related field.
  • Functional Format: A functional resume focuses on skills and abilities as opposed to positions or job titles. It includes a skills section where relevant abilities and qualifications are listed instead of having an employment history section. This can be a good way to cover up gaps in your employment history, and is perhaps the best approach to use when changing fields. However there is a tendency for employers to wonder what you are hiding when using this approach.
  • Hybrid Format: Also known as a targeted resume this format combines aspects of the chronological and functional formats. It includes an employment history section which employers do like to see. At the same time it allows you to list specific skills relevant to the position applied for. It is most effective when used to target a specific job.

The approach you use will depend on your particular circumstances. Some people prefer to keep a “master resume” that they adapt for any particular situation. Learning how to rewrite resume documents using all three approaches will increase your chances of getting an interview for the position you want.

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