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Most Well Guarded Secrets About Rewriting History

If you find yourself reading a history book, you may see yourself identifying a definite answer as to why a certain event in history happened, and why a certain individual or group was to blame. Often, this discovery is also backed up with great evidence which can justify certain points. However, you may find yourself perplexed as you see another written history book, saying a different thing about the very same event. Why the difference, then?

According to famous Winston Churchill, the further you actually look back to the past, the further you can also see right into the future. However, with the scenario mentioned above, is it really possible for modern day readers to learn from history when the lessons have been revised constantly, and rewritten right before our own eyes?

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Most Frequently Rewritten Historical Topics and Events

Among all the events that happened all throughout history, there are certain pieces of history that are considered ‘favorite’ topics in rewriting. For instance, Islamic tolerance is rewritten, covering different phases in history, most often from different points of view. Other events include the Holocaust, Jewish invasion, refugees and revisionism, as well as Israel as the obstacle to peace. What do these topics have in common?

They are topics that are still considered as “hot issue” down to our day. As such, a lot of people tend to understand the present scenarios under these topics by looking back at what ‘supposedly’ happened in the past. They believe that by doing so, they will be able to deal with the present even better. However, there is also a negative impact brought about by this trend. In fact, because of this, the trend of revisionism was born, which has led some rewriters to water down history in their quest for politically correct, and unbiased accounts.

Countries with Often Rewritten History

Aside from topics and events, there are also particular countries with often rewritten history. Among them are South Korea, North Korea, and their interesting differences, which still continue down to our day. The beautiful past and the powerful regime of Japan are also beautifully written in most history books. The interesting power assumed by Soviet Union and Germany is still a reminder, down to this day, that once upon a time, the world was led by strong leaders and powerful armies.

Reasons for Rewriting history

There are several reasons as to why history needs to be rewritten. Social basis is a good factor, often alongside some political biases and economic biases. Also, as reference to some groups and religions, history is also rewritten in light of religious and racial biases. Regardless of the reasons for rewriting history, the point still remains that different parts in history need to be protected accordingly, so that the present generation, and the future ones to come, will be able to benefit from the lessons of the past, as it will help them thrive amidst a modern environment in the future.

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