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Rewriting a Novel: How to Make It Easy

Rewriting a novel is not an easy task to do on your own. It requires time, a lot of effort, and knowledge about the plot, sub plots, and other elements of the story. You will need a creative mind and plenty of imagination to be able to pull this off perfectly. For those who have an interesting take on an existing novel or perhaps one that you’ve written already, it might not be a bad idea to have a professional writer work on it for you.

rewriting a novelThe good news is that there is no shortage of rewriting services but some may not give the best output. If you want to work with a reliable rewriting company make sure that you come to us right from the start as we will give you the best value for your money.

Is It Hard to Rewrite a Novel?

When we talk about rewriting a novel, yes, it’s quite hard. A novel is a mixture of philosophy and story. It’s very difficult to keep different ideas intact and change the words. Online sentence rewriter cannot serve the purpose, because it’s difficult to rewrite for it the meaning between the lines.

What Are the Main Reasons for Rewriting?

If you want to know about the reasons for rewriting, it depends on the nature of the document. Here we are discussing some general reasons for rewriting.

  • The most important reason is to avoid plagiarism. When we use the content on any other writer, we need to rephrase it to avoid the plagiarism.
  • Another reason for rephrasing is to improve the content. Sometimes, we feel that the content we have rewritten have room for improvement and for that we rephrase it.
  • Website caught the copied content quickly, when we need to publish it on more than one online forums, we need to rephrase it.
  • People rephrase content to show their writing skills. Copying the content reflect that a person has no ability to write himself.

How to Make Rewriting a Novel Easy

There are two ways for you to rewrite novels. The first being structural and the other one is rewriting at sentence level. Beginners would often follow the latter method switching this word here and there, inserting new ideas, then continue rewriting sentences. Not only is this arduous but sometimes the end result becomes quite confusing not to mention unorganized because the structure isn’t followed.

 Those who have been in the job know that structuring is the best method for rewriting novels to add more interest. Remove this section, revise this element, and have someone review your work afterwards can help you get a clear picture on whether the novel that you are rewriting is sounding better.

Think of rewriting as giving your imagination room to explore the novel in a different angle and one that will entice your readers immediately. Does the novel have an uninspiring intro? Is the climax not what you expected? Thinking about these things when rewriting can help you structure your rewritten novel better.

5 Steps Guide on Rewriting a Novel

Here is our little guide, which will help you to rewrite a novel with ease.

  • The first thing is to read the novel, at least twice. Understand the concept, idea and story line. If some words are not understandable for you. Find the meanings in dictionary and use thesaurus too.
  • Now start writing, it’s always better to write paragraph by paragraph. If it’s a long novel, you can write it page by page too.
  • Don’t use the words from the original novel, rather replace them with synonyms. Change the sentence structure.
  • Don’t change the basic ideas, incidents, characters and plot of the novel. Use your own words and writing style to express them.
  • The last step is review, editing, and proofreading. Do it carefully.

Our experts say that make sure you completely understand what you are rewriting. Particularly, if its novel. You need to convey the meaning, which is not clearly stated. So, rewrite carefully and stick to the main ideas closely.

Mistakes People Make Rewriting a Novel

  • When people rewrite dialogues, they cannot rephrase them correctly. Sometimes meaning is changed.
  • It’s very difficult to keep the plot of a novel intact, people change the storyline during rewriting.
  • Synonyms are not used properly, that leads to the grammatical errors in the content.
  • Poor editing and proofreading leave plenty of mistakes.
  • Sometimes meaning between the lines are missed by the rewriter.

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Online Sentence Rewriter Service

rewriting a novelOf course, for those who prefer to rewrite at the sentence level, you will have more job to do because you will need to go over the novel thoroughly. There is no guarantee that your sentence rewrite will be well written unless of course you hire someone who does this for a living. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place because this is what our service is all about. Our writers have knowledge and experience in rewriting novels regardless of whether you want it done in sentence level or structure. Once you send your order to us, we’ll make sure that the novel you want rewritten will be done according to your instructions and more.

Our Top Features

  • Rewriting any type of content: We can rewrite your articles, research paper, web pages, essay, novel, or any other kind of content.
  • Urgent orders: We can complete your order within 24 hours, if you are in hurry.
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  • Additional research: We can do additional research too, if you request.
  • Unlimited revisions: We work according to the instructions of our clients, but even than we are ready to make revisions, if some changes are required.

Hire Our Rewriting Service Today

rewriting a novelNovel rewriting as well as rewriting fairy tales may sound like a tough job but not when you hire our writing service to do it for you. Our writers are exceptionally talented when it comes to rewriting novels that is why many have chosen our service. We are confident that whatever you have in mind with regards to the novel, we will be able to bring it to life. All that you have to do is send us your order along with your instructions and the novel that you wish to be rewritten, pay the fees, wait for our writer to contact you, receive first draft for comments, and finally get the rewritten novel delivered on time. It’s easy not to mention cheap too.

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How You Will Benefit from Ordering Our Services?

You will get different benefits, if you order our rewriting a novel from scratch services:

  • We will save your time.
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