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If You Can Relate to This, You Definitely Need a Professional Resume Rewrite

The Importance of Rewriting Your Resume

Your resume has one purpose only and that is to get you an interview. It is not going to get you a job by itself, but it can persuade the recruiter that you are someone that is worth interviewing. But that means making the perfect first impression when they scan your resume. A professional resume rewrite is not about how to reword to avoid plagiarism, it is about ensuring that your resume will reflect exactly what the recruiter wants to see. Getting attention from recruiters is not simple. Studies have shown that they will spend only a few seconds scanning through your resume.

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They also use computerized systems to check out your application and eliminate those resumes that are missing key skills or qualifications. If you don’t understand just how a recruiter works when they look at your application you are at a major disadvantage. Our professional resume rewriting service has been supporting job hunters for many years. Our experts will work directly with you asking targeted questions to draw out the information required for your resume. They will then help you to rewrite resume sections in a highly effective manner so that the recruiters will have a higher chance of spotting you.

10 Signs That You Need a Professional Resume Rewrite

If you are wondering is you need a resume rewrite then that in itself is a sign that you need one. If you have any doubts at all about how effective your resume is then it really is time to get professional support with getting it rewritten. The following reasons will show that you need to get your resume rewritten:

  • You are not getting any interviews: this is probably the one sign that wakes up most job hunters. They have sent out hundreds of copies of their resume and still have not received even a no thank you letter. If your resume is not getting any interest then it is definitely time to get that resume rewrite.
  • You have not updated your resume in years: most people’s idea of updating their resume is to add on their latest job role while leaving everything else basically as it was. Things change a lot in recruitment so it is important that you give your resume an overhaul on a regular basis.
  • You have climbed the ladder in your career: whether you have moved into management or taken a move in another direction you probably don’t realize that you really need to write your resume from a different angle.
  • Your resume looks nothing like what you see online: often you will take a look online to see what is going on in your industry. If the sample resumes that you see online are very different to your own then you are probably in need of changing your whole layout as well as the content of your resume.
  • You are looking for a specific job: you spot that perfect job opening that you have been waiting for. Do you just send the same resume that you have been sending out or do you rewrite and target this one job?
  • There is no strategy to how you have written your resume: do you have a clear brand? Do you even know what a brand is when it comes to marketing yourself? You need to understand the precise image that you want to portray of yourself.
  • The skills list is the same as it was years ago: over the years you will have developed your skills. Your industry may also be putting more value on skills that you simply have failed to mention as they were unimportant the last time you worked on your resume.
  • You are seeking a change in direction: whether you are looking for a step up the ladder or you are looking to work in a completely different area you will need to ensure that your resume is written accordingly to show that you are capable of taking on the new role.
  • You have no idea about ATS: many companies use an Applicant Tracking Software to review your resume prior to any human review. It will look for keywords within your resume, if they are not there or are in the wrong place then your resume could be rejected by the computer and never even reach the recruiter.
  • You are still sending the same resume to every job opening: it is important to go about rewriting resume for each job rather than just sending the same resume out to every opening that is there. The better that you reflect what they are looking for the more chance you have of getting your resume noticed by the recruiter and being invited to interview.

professional resume rewrite from expertsConducting Your Professional Resume Rewrite

So you have established that your resume needs a rewrite, what do you do next? The following steps will help to take you through the process from ensuring that your resume is going to stand out:

  • What do the recruiters want? You cannot simply write your resume in isolation. You need to look at the different job adverts in your target role say they want. What other job hunters are saying in their resumes and LinkedIn profiles and everything else. Do your homework! The better you understand just what they are looking for then the more likely you are to show them what they want. Always tailor your resume to a specific job. Once you have done this once it can be a simple job to move things around or add something extra for other jobs that you apply to.
  • Make your resume easy to read: the studies say that they are only going to quickly scan your resume. So something that looks more like a high school essay with paragraph after paragraph is not going to effective. Your format must be clear and easy to scan. That means wide clear margins and white space before each section. Make good use of bullet points rather than lengthy sentences.
  • Include your links to social media: in today’s highly connected world it is very important that you include these links such as your LinkedIn and Twitter feed. Ensure that you customize your LinkedIn URL (web address) and that your Twitter handle is not something that is unprofessional. Also ensure that you are promoting a consistent brand between what is on your social media and what you will say in your resume.
  • Show relevant experience: ensure that you don’t simply list responsibilities for any role that you have held. The recruiter wants to know the work experience that you have had and what you have achieved. Target this section to reflect precisely what the job is looking for. Do not hide required experience below anything that is simply not relevant for the role. Your experience should always be targeted for every application you make.
  • Add keywords: most recruiters will use an Applicant Tracking System to screen resumes and remove those that clearly do not meet their expectations. This is done by reviewing the resume for keywords. These can be things such as specific skills, qualifications and job titles to name just a few. Always reflect the wording that is used within the job advert if you want to get through the ATS. Again it may be necessary to rewrite your resume for each job you will apply to with the correct keywords for the role.
  • Add an Objective / Summary: this should not be an objective in the traditional way of looking at writing a resume. Do not put what you want in a job. However, if you are looking for that next step in your career or a change in role title your summary with the role that you are looking for. The summarize the skills that will make you ideal for that role. This will not only make it clear to the recruiter that you are ready for the role but also help you get through the ATS which may reject you otherwise if the target job title is not there in your resume.
  • Keep things concise: you do not want to be including anything within your resume that is simply not totally relevant to getting you that interview. Keep things short and to the point and make liberal use of bullet points as these are much easier to scan and will stand out. Also remove things that are simply not required:
  • Street address: this can be omitted, just include your city so that they can see you are local.
  • Education: if you are well into your career then there is no need to include early education.
  • Review and proofread: this is your chance at making an excellent first impression. However if you submit your resume filled with spelling mistakes and grammatical issues then you are likely to have your resume simply placed on the no thanks stack.

Why Would You Need Help Through a Resume Rewriting Service?

Rewriting resume for each job you apply for can be a time consuming and difficult process. But the better you target the jobs that you really want the more chance you have of successfully gaining the role that you are looking for. Using resume rewriting services such as ours will give you a significant advantage over the many others that are applying. Who better to know what the recruiters will be looking for within your resume that experts that have themselves worked within the recruitment industry.
best resume rewriting serviceAll of our writers are highly qualified and have many years of experience working within recruitment. This is not like rewriting a novel, they will work directly with you to ensure that they fully understand what you have to offer and will help to mold your resume to reflect just what is expected from you.

Why Work with Our Professional Rewriting Services?

Whether you are looking for someone to “rewrite my essay” or you want to have your resume crafted to perfection to get that interview we can support you fully. We offer our services only through perfectly qualified and experienced staff that work only in the fields in which they have the skills to really help you. We are confident that with their support you will always receive a resume that you will be able to submit with pride knowing that it offers you the best chance of an interview invitation. All of our services come with:

  • Direct communication with your recruitment expert: this ensures that you will always get the best results from your resume rewriting.
  • Highly affordable prices: we clearly show the prices that we charge on our website and they are some of the most competitive that you will find. All payments are made through secure channels for your protection.
  • 24/7 support: whether you have a question about our services or want to discuss your order you will be able to contact our knowledgeable support team at any time either over the internet or directly through the phone.
  • Rapid turnaround: we always work rapidly to get your resume completed to your satisfaction as quickly as possible. We always ensure that you receive the finished document within the agreed time.
  • Unique writing: your resume will not be copied, now will we just fill in a few blanks on a generic looking template. It will be done from scratch and tailored to your own specific needs. All resumes are supplied with a plagiarism report to confirm that they are not simply copied.
  • Free proofreading: a simple mistake can be enough to make the recruiter think you are not committed to gaining the role and lose you the chance of an interview. Our experts work through your resume and will eliminate any issues.
  • Money back, full satisfaction guarantee: we offer unlimited revisions to ensure your resume is precisely what you want. If however we cannot provide what you need we will give you a full refund.

Boost your chance of gaining that interview by working with our skilled recruiting experts for your professional resume rewrite.